In the spring of 2019, Border moved into Torr Kaelan in the heart of East Village, San Diego. The architecture of the building helps us create every day. The way the light bounces through the space; the warmth of intentional design; the willingness to intertwine experience and structure to establish a moment. We imagined opening up our workplace as a center of inspiration and vibrant original thought to the community.

Our mission is simple: to help East Village develop into the artistic center of San Diego.

As part of the evolution of a community, we want to play a role. We want to bring people together to discuss ideas and design our future. At the center of this vision is art and architecture, the true inspiration for conversation. That said, San Diego is still developing its voice. We deeply believe East Village will be the hub for art and culture in America's finest city, but we need your help to bring that dream to reality.

The ENGAGE events are our way of inspiring the people in our community. By hosting a pop-up gallery and opening our space to those around us, we hope you will share in our goals and help the community move forward in unison. Art and architecture challenge us even when we're not actively observing it. We invite you to take in creativity and share your thoughts as we all work together to design our lives.

We'll see you soon.

The Border Team