CHRISTIAN GARCIA-OLIVO (b. 1988, Santa Barbara, CA) is a process based artist who currently resides in San Diego, CA. His work explores the versatility of acrylic paint as a sculptural medium.  

He uses craft techniques, such as weaving and collage, as a way to examine and challenge contemporary issues, bringing attention to the hierarchy of art media and the ongoing subordination of craft. Recently, Christian was an Artist In Residence at Bread & Salt, San Diego July through September 2020. Past shows include C-Note at San Diego Art Institute; Site Unseen at the Latin American Art Fair;  Palm-Sized Oceans at Permanent Storage Projects in Los Angeles, CA and received Honorable Mention at the Athenaeum’s 28th Annual Juried Exhibition.

"I am interested in the way paint can be manipulated and transformed to create different forms and textures. By forcing a liquid medium to behave in a way that it is not inherent to its natural state, I am trying to control its perception. And by elaborating on craft’s marginalized status in the art world, I aim to address the identity politics of “the other.”"

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